Loafing Sheds

Loafing Sheds, Shed Rows and Storage Buildings

Extra storage and coverage

“A wise man told me once that it was cheaper to cover it, than it is to replace it"

Single Shed

This is the gold standard of Loafing sheds.  Built to do the job

Color-sided Sheds

We offer more than just one look for all of our loafing sheds

Double Loafing Sheds

For those that have more, and want more from their shed

We're here to help with whatever you need.

  • Single loafing sheds
  • Double loafing sheds
  • Any depth or length of loafing shed
  • 10' foot, 12' foot or 16' foot increments
  • Galvanized or colored sided walls and trim
  • Galvanized or colored roof and trim
  • Several roof pitches to chose from

All Loafing Shed Options:

Improved design

The loafing shed has the same wall construction as the Wrangler Classic Barns and can be built in any size or configuration to fit your every need.

If it’s a tractor, equipment or just hay storage you need covered. We can make it taller, wider or even longer to cover everything you own.

If the Galvanized look doesn’t quite suit you then we can install colored siding on the three sides to dress it up just like the Western Classic Barns.

12' X 12' Sheeted Loafing Shed
12' X 36'
12' X 12'
24 X 12 Sheeted Loafing Shed
24' X 12' Loafing Shed with Tack Room
24' X 12'
32' X 16'
48' X 12'
Museum Shelter
Sheeted Loafing Shed
Sheeted Loafing Shed with Runs
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